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We share with you our DJ experience of over 30 years

Prefer learning alone?

All DJ One-on-One Coaching can be done with Pioneer CDJS or Vinyl (in Berlin) and can also be combined

“It’s about music! Not one music style is better than the other, not one music style is more truly than the other. The whole thing is based on respect.

It’s all about respect, respect to the music, respect to the DJs, respect to the crowd and respect to each other.

It’s all music, music never separates people!“
(Carl Cox)

Hands on Vinyl

The fascination for vinyl records remains unbroken, and vinyl is more popular and sexier than ever before.

Our hands-on vinyl coaching provides fundamental knowledge for those who want to learn the art of DJing with vinyl records. You’ll learn all about the functioning of records and how to work with them as a DJ. We also offer recommendations for the necessary equipment.

A key aspect of our coaching is selecting the right turntable: Does it always have to be a Technics? We’ll explain how to optimize your turntable settings and choose a suitable cartridge.

Unlike digital systems, vinyl doesn’t have a SYNC button. So if you want to DJ with records, you must master mixing without technical aids. Our coaching teaches you the basics and provides proven strategies that you can apply while practicing at home. This way, you can improve your skills quickly.

Discover the fascinating world of vinyl records and become part of the vinyl revolution! Our hands-on vinyl coaching accompanies you on your journey to becoming a professional DJ.

Contact us now and start your musical experience with vinyl!

Skills: None
Equipment: None
Format: This lesson is available as a one-to-one individual coaching



  • Record player and pickups
  • Vinyl cutting
  • Acoustic characteristics and basics that are important for the handling of records
  • Myth and truth about the sound of records
  • Formats: LP, 12″, 7″, 10″
  • Does it have to be Technics 1210 MK2?

The right setting

  • Tone arm / Weight / Antiskating
  • Settings on the mixer – Settings on the PA

Mixing with vinyl

  • Manual beat matching
  • Pitch riding

We coordinate the topics in individual coaching with you and start from your current level of knowledge. We assist you on your way to your goal.

Our lessons are also transferable to other persons of your choice.

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