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If you’d rather have it personalised

In individual coaching, we work with you to determine the topics and start with your current level of knowledge. We accompany you on your way to your goal.

Our coaching sessions are also transferable to other people of your choice.

We don’t promise
to make you a Top Producer overnight.
But we will teach you all the skills
to be one.

Your benefits

Discounts with partners

You get up to 50% discount on hardware or software from our partners

Replacement dates

For courses, alternative date in case of illness or other prevention. See FAQs.


Free coaching

1 hour in addition to the long-term course. Tutoring once a month, free of charge.


Community Group

Group for feedback, networking, questions and help outside of your classes


Up for diving into the world of DIY modular synthesizers? Then you’re in the right place.

In our soldering workshop, you’ll learn how to assemble your own module synth.

The workshop day consists of 3 phases:

✔︎ Soldering Workshop
✔︎ Basics of patching, sound design with Error Instruments
✔︎ Introduction to the performance setup JacqNoise

⁠For this workshop, we are soldering the Noise Lab kit. This is a noise synth with an open circuit where you can experiment with electronic component which will manipulate the sound.

The workshop price includes all hardware and gear you need to solder this kit. The final result will be a new gatchet to add to your own set up. So of course you can keep the Noise Lab Kit after the workshop.

Noise Lab

After that we start with soldering, and most importantly testing the gear and if you are lucky we find the error.

Look forward to 4 hours of music, technology, and fun! The number of participants is limited, so secure your spot now.”


  • SOLDERING BASICS: Whether beginner or advanced, we will go through the basic of soldering techniques and electronic components. The option of patching sounds and the exploration of the noise lab we are soldering. The basics of patching and introduction to the JacqNoise setup.
  • MODULAR-SYNTH-BASICS: Understand the components and how they work together to create unique sounds
  • HANDS-ON-EXPERIENCE: Each of you will build your own module from scratch with instructions
    1. What is sound?
    2. Eurorack
    3. Pros and cons of your modular setup
    4. Sound demonstration of Error Instruments modules


  • Your curiosity and enthusiasm for electronics and music


  • Interest in modular synthesis, synthesizers and creative new sounds
  • Craftsmanship in tinkering and soldering. A bit of sound design


  • Group workshop

Language: English
Duration: 4 hours

No fear. No doubt. Just do it!

Ableton live FREE Workshop - ONLINE

Jeyenne will introduce you to the world of electronic music with Ableton.

In 2.5 hours - he will show you everything an electronic music producer needs to know, from the idea to the arrangement and mixdown.

Which workflow makes sense? What works quickly and effectively? What do you have to consider and what can you ignore?

Technical sound knowledge and professional help with various plug-ins are also part of this workshop.

This workshop is for beginners and for those who want to start producing. It is not bound to any obligations.

To make the workshop more comfortable for the coach, we ask you to turn on the cameras.

Skills: None
Equipment: Computer, headphones and Ableton (or trial version)
Format: In the group
SUITABLE: Ableton 11 or higher
Language: English
Duration: 2,5 hours

Follow your passion!

We master your tracks analogue in one of our studios.


EMS students enjoy the benefits of an analogue high-end mastering.


For a significantly better sound!


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