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Producer Course Beginner

Discover the secret behind your own track production in our hands-on course. In small, well-supervised groups, you will be introduced to the world of professional music production with live, on-site sessions lasting three hours per week.

Our intensive five-month course offers comprehensive training. Together with renowned artists and experienced producers, you will be guided step by step into the art of electronic music production. Upon completion of the course, you will have the ability to create your own tracks and give them an unparalleled presence.

Our curriculum goes beyond the functionalities of a DAW like Ableton Live. We provide you with an extensive insight into modern electronic music production and valuable tips for selecting the best sounds and developing a personalized workflow.

Learn fundamental techniques such as sound engineering, sound design, arrangement, music theory, and beat production. Gain proficiency in using mixers, compressors, and explore creative applications of plug-ins.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive an EMS certificate as recognition of your acquired skills in electronic music production.

Join our community and embark on your musical journey today!


  • Ableton Live
  • Beat producing
  • Warping
  • Arrangement and automation
  • Sound synthesis and sound design
  • Sound engineering
  • Digital technology / MIDI
  • Music theory and practice
  • Harmony
  • Effects and dynamics
  • Mixdown
  • Supervised producing

Skills: None
Equipment: Laptop and headphones
Format: Small group
Duration: 5 months, 3 hour session per week
+ Community group
+ Tutoring lessons
+ Daily feedback
+ repeat of missed lessons
 8% discount on individual coaching
+ Up to 40% discounts on Ableton and other software

We don’t promise
to make you a Top Producer overnight.
But we will teach you all the skills
to be one.

Producer Course Advanced

This course is suitable for those who have more experience.

You expand your producer knowledge and we get deeper into the material with you. It’s all about club-ready mixdown, your individual sound design, mastering skills and preparing for a release. Your tracks will get the final touch now at the latest

You don’t have to have completed the Producer course for beginners to attend the advanced course.

In the advanced producer course, we also work according to our curriculum, just like in the beginner course.

We also work with third-party plug-ins. You can also work with a DAW other than Ableton, as long as you know it well.

Not sure if you are a beginner or advanced? Arrange a consultation with us or send us your tracks via Soundcloud.
After completing the course you will receive an EMS certificate.


Producer Kurs Fortgeschritten Reaktor


  • Sound design, workflow details
  • Groove production, Breaks & Drops
  • Vocals recording and editing
  • Resampling and field recording
  • Arrangement, whether club or song based. Unconventional structure
  • Hardware and Live performance
  • Mixdown, three-dimensional mixing, focus in detail
  • Remix, cover, edit
  • Mastering chain
  • Creative process and encouragement

Skills: Intermediate producer skills
Equipment: Laptop and headphones
Format: Small group
Duration: 3 months, 3 hour session per week
+ Community group
+ Tutoring lessons
+ Daily feedback
+ repeat of missed lessons
+ 8% discount on individual coaching
+ Up to 40% discounts on Ableton and other software

If you haven’t learned enough yet, give your skills an upgrade!

Ableton Live FREE Workshop - ONLINE

Jeyênne will show you everything a producer of electronic music needs to know in 2.5 hours – from the idea to the arrangement and mixdown.

What is the best workflow? What makes sense? What is fast and effective?

Technical sound knowledge and professional help with various plug-ins are also part of this workshop.

This workshop is for beginners and for those who want to start producing. It is not bound to any obligations.

To make the workshop more comfortable for the coach, we ask you to turn on the cameras.

Skills: None
Equipment: Laptop and headphones
Format: In the group
SUITABLE: Ableton 10 or 11 user
Language: Deutsch oder/or English
Duration: 2,5 hours


The mixdown is one of the most important steps of a producer. No matter how cool your track is, it will never work without a technically clean mixdown.

“Clean” doesn’t mean that everything should sound clinical. The challenge is to make a mixdown sound so that all single tracks harmonise with each other, without clashing and sound powerful.

Yes, of course, mastering will save everything! But if your mixdown sounds awful, your mastering engineer won’t be able to work miracles.

At the end of this coaching you will be able to create a mixdown that is clean, transparent, punchy – and works in the club.

Together with our coach you´ll work step-by-step on your technical skills to create a phat and clean mixdown. In our studio in Berlin, all instrument groups and frequency ranges are covered to optimally prepare your tracks for the final step, mastering.

The focus is on electronic club-oriented music.


  • 3D, clean low end and powerful drums for the club
  • Dynamic processing, compressor/limiter
  • Stereo image
  • Gain staging
  • EQing and punchy drum beats
  • How to Mix: Bass, Drums, Vocals, Synths, Percussion, FX
  • All steps to the perfect premaster

Skills: None
Equipment: Laptop and headphones
Format: This coaching is available as a one-to-one individual coaching

Prefer learning alone?

We coordinate the topics in individual coaching with you and start from your current level of knowledge. We assist you on your way to your goal.

Our lessons are also transferable to other persons of your choice.


We are now also mastering our tracks analogue in one of our studios.


EMS students enjoy the benefits of analogue high-end mastering.


For a significantly better sound!


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