LIVE IS LIVE, without tricks or safety nets

We share with you our live performance experience of over 30 years, Through gigs and tours all over the world

Live-Act Workshop, Performance & Hardware

Playing live in front of an audience is the primary discipline of every artist. Only live do you get direct and immediate feedback on the art you’ve been working for all these years. It is worth more than any fee in the world, a release or an online gig.

In this group workshop we will go through a track that we want to perform live. If you want to play with hardware and controllers, we’ll pick out the devices that make the most sense together. Although each live act is unique, there is a basic understanding and logic that is the same for everyone. What looks simple can take weeks or even months of hard work and planning. Only if you are prepared, will you be confident and deliver a great gig.

We’ll explore why it’s better to use balanced than unbalanced cables and why a DI box can save your ass.

You’ll learn about contracts, tour planning, backstage requirements and everything you need to know about live act/management.


  • Equipment check, which equipment suits me, what makes sense?
  • Cable mess or everything compact?
  • Digital, analogue or a mixture of the two?
  • Hybrid Gig (DJ & Live)
  • DI box, PA, feedback (mic), monitor boxes
  • Connections Ableton Live vs. hardware or completely without DAW
  • Technical Rider & Backstage Rider
  • Contracts, bookings & fees
  • What should my performance look like?
  • Rehearsals, preparations and workflow

Skills: Producer beginner skills
Equipment: Various hardware devices
Format: Small group
Duration: 5 hours

Soma Synth Lyra-8 Workshop

Welcome to the world of sounds of LYRA-8, the unique organismic analogue synthesizer developed by Vlad Kreimer. “Organismal” means that LYRA uses some principles that are at the base of living organisms.

The way LYRA’s modules interact with each other and the behaviour of the instrument resembles a live conversation. LYRA-8 is based on eight generators, hereafter referred to as voices. They are not built like a traditional VCO of subtractive synthesis. Instead of having a linear or logarithmic dependence on the control voltage, they resemble the tone generators in old electric organs. Hence the name “voices” instead of “VCOs”.

Sounds from beyond!


  • Logical structure
  • Sound synthesis
  • LFO / Delay / Distortion section
  • Creative sound design
  • Workflow
  • Connection to own live act and DAW

Skills: None
Equipment: Various hardware devices
Format: Small group
Duration: 5 hours




Modular Synth Basic Workshop

Modular synthesizers are more popular than ever!

Modular synthesis is the origin of electronic music. Pioneers such as Stockhausen, Kraftwerk or Moog, to name but a few, have shaped electronic music and made it possible.

In this workshop you will learn and understand electronic music in its most original form, far away from presets and ready-made samples.

Build your own individual sound. It’s a lot of fun!

If you understand sound synthesis and how a synth works, you will understand electronic music.


  • The history of modular synthesizers
  • Eurorack: What’s so special about it?
  • The basic building blocks: VCO, VCF, ADSR, LFO, VCA
  • Different types of synthesis: subtractive, granular, FM, additive…
  • Modular effects & drum machine
  • Sequencing Power CV/Gate, Trigger, Logic, Switch, Clock Divider/Multiplier
  • Choosing the right modules / building a system
  • Integration with Ableton
  • Performing live

Skills: None
Equipment: None
Format: Small group
Duration: 5 hours

Elektron Digitakt/Digitone Workshop

Elektron devices are unique in their operation. They are innovative machines that reinvigorate the traditional way of using synthesizers.

If you’re bored of your DAW workflow and want to learn a refreshing and modern way to create electronic music. Or if you just want to learn how to use these extraordinary machines to add to your producer arsenal, this workshop is for you.

Digitone and Digitakt are two of the latest additions to the vast Elektron catalogue. Despite their compactness, they are undoubted studio and live performance destroyers.

Skills: None
Equipment: None
Format: Small group
Duration: 5 hours

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