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Nowadays, it’s no longer just about mixing two records together. Rather, it’s about controlling the technology. That’s why it’s important to understand which buttons and sliders make sense and which are better ignored. With us you learn on club standard equipment.

Whether digital or analog, here you will learn everything about technology and equipment which DJs work with. We will teach you technical basics on CDJs, controllers and turntables, and special features on mixers. As well as fundamental terms like effects, sound characteristics, frequency, amplitude, phase or interference to elevate your DJing. We will also go into crowd reading and how to create mixtapes/podcasts. 

We show you how to prepare and manage your tracks with Rekordbox. We also cover combining CDJs with vinyl and controllers or Ableton Live.

You will learn how club-oriented electronic music is constructed, how it works, what you can do with keys and how to deal with beat or quantization patterns.

In 5 consecutive days (a total of 25 hours) you will have enough time to play, try out effects, learn to lose respect for the technique and become confident.

In the DJ WEEK or DJ COURSE you have enough time to play, learn effects, to lose your respect for the technique and to become confident.

All about DJing in one week
✔︎ 5 days Mo-Fr
✔︎ 5 hours a day
✔︎ no skills needed


  • Player, set preparation and structure of all devices
  • Recordbox
  • Acoustic characteristics and physical principles
  • Vinyl mode
  • USB use
  • Mixer & Mixing Techniques
  • Effects, Effect chains, Filter vs EQs
  • Volume / Level
  • Standard equipment in clubs
  • Manual beat matching
  • Overview of various styles
  • Learning different techniques for different genres
  • Tension and crowd reading
  • Non linear mixing / Live editing
  • Harmonic mixing
  • Tempo- and genre change
  • Compression, distortion and interference
  • Analog / Digital signal transmission
  • Extern vs. Intern mixing
  • Synchronize (e.g. with Maschine, or Ableton Push)
  • Trouble shooting
  • Creating DJ Mixes, Mashups / Remixes / Edits
  • Theory and lots of practice

    Skills: None
    Equipment: Laptop and Controler (if needed)
    Format: Small group
    Duration: 1 week (5 days). 5 hours per day (theory and practice)
    Suitable for: Beginners and advanced


    07.10.24 - 11.10.24 10am - 3pmEnglisch3 spots Original price was: 799,00 €.Current price is: 735,08 €.


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