A complete Ableton track. For Ableton 10 and higher.
Just select, download and use.
You can see all steps of the production, change them as you like... and publish!

With this template you have a deep insight into a club optimized and fully arranged rave techno track.
The track includes automations, melody leading, tension arcs, detailed drum programming, basslines, synth lines, sound design and mixdown.
Mastering chain included.

The project is a mix of modern "French" rave techno with a catchy sequence inspired by Viper Diva, Shlømo or Kas:st.

We with our team at EMS - Electronic Music School have been teaching in Berlin and Cologne since 2010. Jeyênne the founder, can look back on more than 30 years of experience in electronic music production, originating in the early 90s.

Requires Ableton Live 10 Suite or higher.

License Agreement:
The template is royalty-free, but you have to change all the melodies, otherwise the track may not be released. Use this template as inspiration for your track. You can delete, add, invert, use other effects or leave everything as it is, but you have to change the melodies to publish it. Just a few notes and it's your track and it's different from the original track.

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