Producer Course Beginner Online (Live/Realtime)

This online producer course offers a unique opportunity to participate LIVE, in REAL TIME and IN PERSON. Join us from anywhere and ask questions just like you would if you were physically present at our EMS locations in Berlin or Cologne.

Before the course begins, you will receive exclusive access to our Zoom platform, which allows you to meet online once a week with your coach and other participants of the course to discuss the respective topic in detail.

In our small group setting, you will acquire essential skills for producing your own tracks, following a step-by-step approach.

In just 5 months, with daily feedback and a meticulously designed curriculum, you will confidently produce professional-grade tracks, showcasing your talent and independence.

Our curriculum extends beyond the basics of popular DAWs like Ableton Live, providing you with extensive insights into the diverse possibilities of modern electronic music production.

Upon successful completion, you will receive a prestigious EMS certificate, validating your proficiency and accomplishments.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your musical abilities to new heights!

Join our course today.

mit Ableton live meinen eigener Track produzieren


  • Ableton Live
  • Beat producing
  • Warping
  • Arrangement and automation
  • Sound synthesis and sound design
  • Sound engineering
  • Digital technology / MIDI
  • Music theory and practice
  • Harmony
  • Effects and dynamics
  • Mixdown
  • Supervised producing

Skills: None
Equipment: Laptop and hadphones
Format: Small group
Dauer: 5 months, 2 h session per week, 7pm – 9pm (german time)
+ Community Group
+ Tutoring lessons
+ Daily feedback
+ Repeat of missed lessons
+ 8% Discount on individual coaching
+ Up to 50% discount on ableton and other software

27.02.24 - 09.07.24 immer Dienstags. Online/Live/Echtzeit19:00 - 21:00 UhrDeutsch12 spots999,00€ 919,08€ at once or 210,00€ 193,20€ per month
06.03.24 - 17.07.24 always on Wednesday. Online/Live/Realtime7:00 PM - 9:00 PMEnglisch4 spots999,00€ 919,08€ at once or 210,00€ 193,20€ per month
27.08.24 - 21.01.24 immer Dienstags. Online/Live/Echtzeit19:00 - 21:00 UhrDeutsch13 spots999,00€ 919,08€ at once or 210,00€ 193,20€ per month

Producer Course Advanced Online (Live/Realtime)

This course is suitable for those who have more experience.

You expand your producer knowledge and we get deeper into the material with you. 

It’s all about club-ready mixdown, your individual sound design, mastering skills and preparing for a release. Your tracks will get the final touch now at the latest

We also work with third-party plug-ins. You can also work with a DAW other than Ableton, as long as you know it well.

You don’t have to have completed the Producer course for beginners to attend the advanced course.

In the advanced producer course, we also work according to our curriculum, just like in the beginner course.

Not sure if you are a beginner or advanced? Arrange a consultation with us or send us your tracks via Soundcloud.

After completing the course you will receive an EMS certificate.



  • Sound design advanced technology
  • Groove production, Breaks & Drops
  • Vocals recording and editing
  • Resampling and field recording
  • Arrangement, unconventional structure
  • Workflow
  • Hardware and Live
  • Mixdown, advanced technology, three dimensional mixing
  • Remix, Cover, Edit
  • Supervised producing
  • Mastering chain
  • Creative process and encouragement
Producer Kurs Fortgeschritten Reaktor

Skills: Intermediate producer skills
Equipment: Laptop and handphones
Format: Small group
Duration: 3 months, 2 h session per week, 7pm – 9pm (german time)
+ Community Group
+ Tutoring lessons
+ Daily feedback
+ Repeat of missed lessons
+ 10% discount on individual coaching
+ up to 40% discounts on Ableton and other software

05.03.24 - 21.05.24 - always on Tuesday. Online/Live/Realtime7pm - 9pmEnglish3 spots598,00€ 550,16€ at once or 210,00€ 193,20€ per month
13.03.24 - 05.06.24 immer Mittwochs. Online/Live/Realtime7pm - 9pmDeutschOnly 2 spots available598,00€ 550,16€ at once or 210,00€ 193,20€ per month

Your EMS Online coaching – always Live in real time and personally

Your Benefits

Discounts with partners

You get up to 50% discount on hardware or software from our partners

Recordings / Tutorials

You have access to the content for one year.

Free Template and Handouts

For your weekly learning


Community Group

Group for feedback, networking, questions and help outside of your classes

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